The problem with pinholes

They’re really hard to compose. Most cameras have a viewfinder or a ground glass or something that lets the photographer see what s/he is going to photograph. My Leonardo pinhole has a couple of pencil lines that describe what your field of view is. And it’s harder to figure out what’s actually in the frame than you’d think.

Leonardo pinhole camera paper negative 35" exposure.

Leonardo pinhole camera
paper negative
35″ exposure.



Photographing pets is always hard because they tend to move at awkward moments. Doing so with the kraken, I’m amazed I got any of the cat’s head in the frame, much less nearly in focus.

But the ear tufts are tack sharp!


Futzing about with paper negatives.
Kodak Empire State No. 2 view camera
8×10 paper negative

Not my best work ever, but as I say, I was just futzing around.

Back in the saddle

After spending months on a project that pays money but I’m glad it’s nearly over, I’m ready to start working on stuff I enjoy again.

So here, have a flower.

Mamiya RB67 90mm lens, wide open Ilford Pan F+ Ilfotech HC 1+31

Mamiya RB67
90mm lens, wide open
Ilford Pan F+
Ilfotech HC 1+31

In other news, I’m trying to do a 365/Photo-a-day project this year entirely on film. I’m still not sure if I’m going to upload the whole kit and kaboodle here or just highlights, because a lot of these photos are rubbish. Also, it’s entirely possible I’ll peter out at some point, which would just look lame.

This is why we use tripods

This was a failed attempt to free-hand the Kraken on a 1/10 second exposure:

Halcyon Pond, Mount Auburn Cemetery
Cambridge, MA

Speed Graphic w/Kodak Aero Ektar lens (aka the Kraken)
Ilford Delta 100 Pro
Ilfotec HC 1+31

Housekeeping note

I started a new job in late May, and the new job ramp-up period has kept me pretty busy for the last 90 days. Now that my probationary period is ending, I have a backlog of film to process, after which time, hopefully, regular-ish posting will resume.

Robert #2 (WIP)

Still another work in progress. I had really good luck for a while doing quick candid portraits, then I backed away from that because I’m no good at directing people. I never know what to ask them to do or think or whatever to get the photograph I thought I saw lurking there, waiting to be taken. I decided to give it another go while visiting Texas last week.

Robert #2

Hasselblad 500C
80mm f/2.8 Planar
Ilford Pan F+ in Ilfotec HC 1+31 at 20C

Unlike the previous effort shooting this subject, this one is reasonably well-lit, so even though the negative is a tiny bit thin, I think I can work with it. We’ll see.